Now you can enjoy more purchasing power wherever life takes you - with the worldwide acceptance of VISA® and your credit union by your side. Greenville Federal Credit Union offers three credit card options designed to meet your unique credit needs.  Apply now.

Platinum VISA®

  • 8.99% APR. This is not an introductory rate like most credit card offers. It’s simply a great rate when you decide to use your credit.

  • No Annual Fee. As a credit union member, the privilege of owning and using your VISA credit card costs you nothing.

  • Generous Credit Limit. As a credit union member with accounts in good standing, higher credit limits are available with VISA Platinum.

  • No Balance Transfer Fee. Consolidate multiple credit card balances to your Greenville Federal Credit Union VISA for better terms and the convenience of one monthly payment. Balance transfers are free.

  • Low Cost Rewards Option - Free for the 1st Year. Every time you use your card, you can earn points redeemable for travel, electronics, home appliances, sports equipment and much more. This option does come with a small $29 annual fee, but Greenville Federal Credit Union will pay that fee for your first year. Visit the website to see over 500 items you can choose from.

Classic VISA®

  • 13.90% APR 

  • No Annual Fee 

  • Credit Limits up to $10,000

  • No Balance Transfer Fee

Classic Beginning VISA®

  • 17.99% APR

  • $49/yr Annual Fee

  • Credit Limits up to $5000

  • No Balance Transfer Fee


Apply now for your new Greenville Federal Credit Union VISA.

You have three ways to transfer a balance to your credit union VISA: by visiting a branch, by calling our Contact Center, or by utilizing NetBranch. Before getting started you’ll need the name of the other card’s financial institution, payment mailing address, full account number and your current balance.

Come by any branch or call our Contact Center (800.336.6309). Or, help yourself by logging in to NetBranch online, selecting your credit card account, selecting Services - Balance Consolidation from the menu at the top, and following the prompts.

The credit union will apply the other card’s balance to your credit union VISA, while at the same time issue and send a check for the payoff of your balance directly to the financial institution of the other card.  There is no charge for this service.

Verified by VISA

Greenville Federal Credit Union VISA cards offer added online shopping security through Verified by VISA.

Traveling outside the U.S?

International transactions for your credit union VISA Credit card will not be allowed in order to block potential fraud activity. If you plan on using your card internationally, contact the credit union to exclude your card from this block. And don't forget to let us know when you plan on returning to help prevent future fraud occurrences.