Courtesy Pay gives you peace of mind and protection.

July 1st, 2017 by Catherine James

With life’s demands and hectic pace, overdrawing an account can happen to the best of us. That’s why we offer Courtesy Pay, a service that provides approved account holders the ability to overdraw their Regular or Yield-Plus Checking account up to $500. This non-contractual overdraft protection service requires no member action or signed agreement – and costs nothing unless the privilege is used. If you forget or miscalculate something, Courtesy Pay saves you time, money and embarrassment from having a Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) item returned to a merchant.

If you do not wish to participate in this program, please notify us in writing or by fax to (864) 370-9414.

Your checking account must be brought to a positive balance at least once within a 30-day period to maintain the Courtesy Pay protection privilege. For more information contact a Member Service Representative.