Mobile Account Management

You can access your credit union account with your phone or mobile device in three different ways:

  • Our downloadable Mobile Banking App (with Mobile Deposit)
  • SMS Text
  • Mobile Internet Browser

Mobile Banking App

Many mobile device users prefer utilizing apps to view and manage content.  Greenville Federal Credit Union has a mobile banking app available for free download via App Store for the Apple version, or Google Play for the Android version.

Once downloaded and installed, our mobile banking app allows members to view enrolled accounts and transfer funds between accounts, and deposit checks remotely.

Before installing the app, we recommend deletion of any older versions of our app from your mobile device. Our app can be found by searching for Greenville Federal Credit Union in the App Store (for iPhone or iPad users) or Google Play Store (for Android users):

• For iPhones and iPads: iTunes App Store

• For Android devices: Google Play 

*The app is not currently available for Windows phones.

If these links do not work for you, search for Greenville Federal Credit Union within the App Store or Play Store.  You will recognize our app with our logo. “Get” or “Install” the app to your device and accept the app’s device usage terms. Once installed, log in to the app utilizing your Netbranch log in credentials (User Name /Log In ID, Password, Security Questions).

Technology Tips:


Data Usage Disclaimer  This app is free for download; however, as with any app, your use of it may result data charges imposed by your mobile network operator or your internet service provider. You are advised to consult your mobile data or internet data plans to identify the charges which may be incurred prior to the installation and operation of the credit union’s app. The credit union is not responsible for data usage charges. In order for the app to operate fully, the device on which it is used may need to be connected to certain wireless and/or communication based technologies. There may be delays, limitations, and other problems inherent in the use of the internet and electronic communication, of which the credit union has no control.

Text Banking

Members who use NetBranch 4.0 online banking and have a mobile phone can bank via SMS text through our Mobiliti™ service.  Please note that some mobile phone carriers may assess an additional charge for outgoing text messages or may charge for each message sent and received. To use Mobiliti™ in a mobile browser, the mobile phone must support web browsing functionality.

Note: A few service carriers block the Mobiliti™ service. If you do not use one of the major U.S. carriers (AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint) you may want to check with your carrier to make sure you can use the service. All major U.S. carriers, and most secondary ones, support the Mobiliti™ service.

Mobiliti™ Access Modes

Mobiliti™ allows members who use NetBranch 4.0 to access credit union account information from a mobile phone. Mobiliti™ offers two ways for you to access your accounts:

  • Send a text message (SMS).
  • Use a mobile browser on your phone. 

If you enroll in Mobiliti™ you can view your current balance and transaction history, transfer funds and receive alerts and notifications.


You can register for Mobiliti™ through NetBranch 4.0. When registering for Mobiliti™, turn on your mobile phone and make sure it’s ready to receive text messages. During the Mobiliti™ registration process, choose one or all access modes, which services you want to use and the accounts you want to access. Access to the following types of accounts is available on Mobiliti™:

  • Checking (draft)
  • CD (certificate)
  • Savings (all other shares)
  • Loan (Line of credit loan, mortgage loan and all other loans)
  • Line of Credit (credit card)

During registration, a text message will be sent to you containing a unique activation code used to verify your phone number. This code associates your mobile phone with your account. To complete registration, you must enter the activation code that is sent to you. This verification let you know your mobile phone number has been successfully registered.

Text Messaging Service (SMS)

The text messaging service allows you to check account balances, review recent account activity and receive online banking alerts any time from your mobile phone. Most mobile phones are capable of sending and receiving text messages, and are most likely compatible with Mobiliti™.

Note: Some mobile service carriers charge for outgoing text messages or for each message sent and received. Immediately following enrollment, a text "help" message is sent with the short commands and a short code to use to access Mobiliti™. A short code is a shortened version of a phone number, generally five or six numbers in length. Five-digit short codes range from 20000 to 99999; six-digit short codes range from 222222 to 899999. It is recommended that you add the short code to your contact list.

To use the text messaging service, you can send and receive text messages from the short code as well as a traditional phone number.

Mobile Browser Service

Use the mobile browser service to:

  • Check account balances.
  • Review recent account activity.
  • Transfer money between accounts.

To use the mobile browser service, the phone must have an Internet browser and may require a data service plan. During registration, you are sent a unique website address (URL) that will only work on the phones you’ve registered in Mobiliti™. You should bookmark this address in your phone’s web browser so you can easily return to it.

Alerts Service

The alerts service sends automatic notices to a mobile phone with information about your accounts. You can set up alerts to notify you when select activity occurs on your accounts. For example, an alert can be sent to you when an account balance goes below a threshold amount. You can receive alerts on your mobile phones or at an e-mail address.

For further information and instructions contact technical support at Greenville Federal Credit Union at 800.336.6309.

Mobile Browser Banking 

When you visit this website using the internet browser on your mobile device, our website responds by automatically adjusting its layout to best fit your device's screen.  The yellow Online Banking Log In button will be at the top of your device's screen, and functions just as it does when visiting the site via a typical internet browser.

For further information and instructions contact our call center at Greenville Federal Credit Union at 800.336.6309.

Mobile Deposit 

The credit union offers Mobile Deposit/Capture through our mobile app to qualifying* checking accounts. Our Mobile Deposit Service allows members to deposit a check to your Greenville Federal Credit Union account using your Apple or Android mobile device. Mobile Deposits received prior to 2:00 pm EST on business days are processed by close of business the same day. Mobile Deposits received after 2:00 pm EST or on weekends and holidays when Greenville Federal Credit Union is closed, will be processed by close of business the next business day.  Learn more.