Help your family and friends meet their financial resolutions.

January 4th, 2016 by Catherine James

It’s no mystery why people make financial resolutions each January. The need to create financial stability is a constant necessity, and very much a part of our overall well-being. But figuring out how to create that stability is where most folks fail. Often times the resolutions made, while noble, are unrealistic within the given circumstances. That’s where the credit union can provide a few tips for you or your loved ones to successfully set and attain short and long-range goals.

Improve your financial literacy.
Studies show people who are financially well-informed are able to take greater personal responsibility for their financial decisions, are more proactive and confident in their financial decision making, experience less stress at home and at work, and are more productive. Through your membership with the credit union you gain access to a vast repository of financial planning guides, resources and calculators, plus access to our professional staff. We offer free, on-site financial planning workshops and lunch-and-learn seminars to our Company Partners. Learn more about our Company Partner Program.

Make resolutions that make sense (and cents).
The credit union may be able to help you achieve a few solid financial resolutions that are both attainable and beneficial.

•  Save money by refinancing a loan at a better rate or term

•  Manage credit card debt by opening a lower-rate credit card and transferring multiple balances to it for free

•  Set a monthly budget and stick to it (personal financial management software/apps can help)

•  Pay bills on time every month by setting up automatic bill pay

•  Start a retirement, college or vacation savings account and set up direct deposit

Realize true money-saving advantages.
The average member saves $300 a year by banking with a credit union due to free services and fewer fees. Free direct deposit, payroll deduction, online banking and bill pay are among the many advantages of membership. We help members live more rewarding lives (financially and emotionally) by providing access to affordable financial services and education. Tell those you care about how the credit union can help them meet their financial resolutions.