Commercial Savings

Commercial Savings

Your Commercial Savings Account represents ownership and membership in the credit union.

  • Minimum $25 balance required
  • No minimum balance required above $25 to earn interest (interest applied at the end of each quarter)

Commercial Yield-Plus Savings

When you want your money to work a little harder, simply maintain a higher minimum balance to earn a higher rate.

  • Requires an initial deposit and minimum balance of $2,000
  • No monthly service charges, even when minimum balance is not maintained (earns Regular Share Savings rate when balance falls below minimum)
  • Detailed periodic statements

Share Term Certificates

A more secure place to save your money and still have it work hard for you. Typically, the longer you put your money in, the higher dividends it pays.

  • Terms from 91 days to 60 months
  • $500 minimum deposit required
  • Ask your Member Service Representative or click for current rates.

Account Opening Checklist 

To open a Commercial account, visit any branch location and bring the following documents:

  • Driver’s Licenses for all signers 
  • Minimum $25 to open a Commercial Savings Account 
  • Checking deposit based on tier level 
  • Proof of Eligibility for business 
  • Proof of Address for all signers 
  • Business Tax ID Number (EIN) (For all business entities with the possible exception of Sole Proprietor) 
  • Current Secretary of State for all business entities with the exception of Sole Proprietor 
  • If you are a Sole Proprietor - EIN IRS document OR Social Security card  
  • If you are a Limited Liability Corporation - EIN IRS Document, Articles of LLC*, Operating Agreement*- if more than one member 
  • If you are a Corporation - EIN IRS Document, Articles of Incorporation*, By-Laws* 
  • If you are an Association - EIN IRS Document, By-Laws*, Letter on letterhead or meeting minutes* listing the approved signers 
  • If you are a Non Profit Corporation - EIN IRS Document, Articles of Incorporation*, By-Laws*, 501c from IRS, Signed Minutes* from Board Meeting stating the specifics of the request 

*Document(s) must be signed and dated.

Please call the Contact Center if you have any questions about opening a Commercial account.

Visit any branch to open a Commercial Account.  

See account opening checklist below.

Commercial Account Fee Schedule