Commercial Account Fees

Current Commercial Account Fees

Effective January 4, 2021

General disclosure: Information displayed is accurate as of the date of the latest update and is subject to change without notice.

Fee Type Description Cost
Dormant Account Fee when balance is less than $100 and no transaction in 18 months Monthly $5.00
Savings Returned Deposit Item Fee Per instance $10.00
NSF/Returned Item $37.50
Stop Payment Fee with available balance to clear item $15.00
Stop Payment without available balance to clear item $37.50
Check Copy $3.00
Statement Copy $3.00
Account History Page $3.00
Checking Returned Deposit Item Fee $10.00
Debit Card Re-order $5.00
Domestic Incoming Wire Transfer Fee $15.00
Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee $15.00
International Wire Transfer, US Dollars $35.00
International Wire Transfer Fee, Foreign Currency $35.00
Paper Statement Fee $2.00
Certified Check Item $5.00
Teller Check payable to 3rd Party $5.00
Research/Adjustment/Assistance Per hour and/or per occurrence $25.00
Reconciliation Per hour and/or per occurrence $25.00
3rd Party Check Inquiry or Cashing Member-drawn Item Per item $15.00
Audit Confirmation $50.00
Legal Processing: Tax Levies, Garnishments Per occurrence Actual Cost
Credit Inquiries $50.00

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