Personal Account Fees

Current Personal Account Fees

Effective February 14, 2020

General disclosure: Information displayed is accurate as of the date of the latest update and is subject to change without notice.

Fee Type Description Cost
Dormant Account Fee Per month on regular share savings account with balances of less than $100 and no transaction records for the last 18 months $5.00
Reg D Violation Per withdrawal after more than six electronic transfers from a savings-type account per month $37.50
Overdraft Fee Per item $37.50
Courtesy Pay Overdraft Fee Per item $37.50
Preauthorized Draft NSF Fee Per item $37.50
Stop Payment Fee Per stop order ($37.50 per stop order if account balance is insufficient to clear stopped item) $15.00
Check Copy Fee Per item $1.00
Statement Copy $1.00 per page
Account History Fee $1.00 per page
Check Printing prices vary by check design
Alternative Checking Service Fee $7.95 per month
Alternative Checking Cashing Payroll or Government Checks Fee $2.00 per item
Alternative Checking In-Person Cash Withdrawal (Avoid this fee by using any CO-OP ATM that is surcharge free.) $1.00 per withdrawal
Early Withdrawal Fee, Club Accounts Per withdrawal, applies to all Club Accounts $2.00
E-Statements Free
Paper Statement Fee $2.00
Outgoing/Incoming Wire Transfer Fee Per item Domestic $15.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee-Int. Per item-US Currency $35.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee-Int. Per item-Foreign Currency $15.00
Teller Check Per check made payable to third party $1.00
Return Deposit Item Fee Per occurrence $10.00
Account Reconciliation Fee Per hour $25.00
Research Fee Per hour $25.00
International Item Collection Fee Per item $10.00
ATM Transaction/Inquiry Fee Per occurrence, applies only to non-designated ATMs $1.25
Visa Debit Card - Standard Reorder Standard delivery 7-10 business days by mail $5.00
Visa Debit Card - Instant Issue for New Account In branch instant issue, free with $25 minimum in Checking Free
Visa Debit Card - Instant Issue for New Account In branch instant issue, $5.00 if less than $25 in checking $5.00
Visa Debit Card - Instant Issue In branch instant issue $10.00
Unauthorized ACH Entry Fee Per item $5.00
Third Party Teller Check Non-Member $15.00

Fee Additions Effective 6/1/2021: Returned Mail $5.00; Closing Membership within Six Months of Opening Date $25.00
Existing Fee Changes Effective 6/1/2021: Returned Deposit Items $25.00; Legal Process Research $100.00 first hour, and $50 per hour thereafter; Paper Periodic Statements $3.00; Safe Deposit Box 3”x5” Fee $30.00; 3”x10” Fee $45.00; 5”x10” Fee $70.00; 10”x10” Fee $90.00; Alternative Checking Monthly Servicing $9.95 (Alternative Checking name to change to Access Checking)
Fee Eliminations Effective 6/1/2021: Alternative Checking Cash Withdrawal; Alternative Checking Check Cashing