Commercial Loans and Credit

Commercial Property Loans

You get competitive credit union rates for financing commercial real estate, including the purchase of existing buildings or refinancing current real estate loans.

  • Owner and non-owner occupied commercial property
  • Rental housing, apartments, or combination business/residential properties

Lines of Credit

We give you access to the funds you need to have working capital and address short-term business expenses.

  • Cover short-term cash needs until your accounts receivables are collected
  • Cover seasonal or cyclical cash flow requirements

Term Loans

Just what you need to purchase company vehicles or equipment.

  • Specific terms and amounts
  • Regular fixed monthly payments

Visa® Business

A business credit card helps you streamline purchases and manage your expenses.

  • Separate business from personal expenses
  • Issue cards to employees for purchases or travel
  • Set a spending limit on each employee’s card

Learn more about Visa Business.

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Commercial Lending Services

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Greenville Federal Credit Union offers a variety of lending products that can give your business the capital and flexibility to grow. You can request additional information about our loan services by submitting this form.

Verified by VISA

Greenville Federal Credit Union VISA cards offer added online shopping security through Verified by VISA.


Traveling outside the U.S?

International transactions for your credit union VISA Credit card will not be allowed in order to block potential fraud activity. If you plan on using your card internationally, contact the credit union to exclude your card from this block. And don't forget to let us know when you plan on returning to help prevent future fraud occurrences.