Reward yourself! Are you taking full advantage of your debit and credit card rewards?

October 15th, 2018 by Catherine James

As a credit union member you have access to many money saving benefits. But did you know you have money-earning benefits too?  With CardCash your debit card can earn up to 1% cash back on qualifying signature-based or non-PIN debit card purchases or bill payments, after reaching a monthly minimum of $850 in signature-based/non-PIN debit transactions. There is no cost or annual fee for CardCash but you must register your debit card for the program in order to begin earning cash back for your qualifying debit card purchases and payments. To learn more about CardCash visit

Your Signature or Platinum Visa credit card earns points redeemable for cash, merchandise, travel or donation to charity, with every purchase. To learn more about our Visa credit card rewards visit

Before you make your next purchase or payment this holiday season, take a moment to review your debit or credit card reward options to make sure you are maximizing your money-earning benefits.