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SCAM ALERT: Fake Fraud Department Calls and Texts

January 23rd, 2024 by Catherine James, SVP Marketing and Brand Strategy

The credit union is seeing an uptick in scams where imposters pretend to be calling or texting from the credit union’s fraud department using an email address or phone number that appears to be from the credit union. In recent incidents, victims reported receiving an unsolicited call through FaceTime from an iCloud email account. The imposter indicated a problem with the victim’s accounts, and directed them to transfer funds to another account. This is a scam! These imposters are very good at tricking victims to gain their trust and may use pressure tactics urging them to act quickly and claiming that the issue is time-sensitive or urgent.

How can you tell it’s a scam?

If you receive an unsolicited call that appears to be from the credit union, remember the following:

  • The credit union will never contact you through FaceTime, WhatsApp, or with iCloud email addresses. Do not answer!
  • The credit union will never ask you to transfer money through third-party services such as CashApp, Apple Cash, or Venmo, buy gift cards, or send digital currency such as Bitcoin. Do not send money!
  • The credit union will never contact you and ask for personal identification information, PIN numbers, passwords, account information, or your full credit or debit card numbers or the 3 digits on the back of your cards. Do not share information!

What should you do if you suspect an imposter?

Do not respond to the call, text, or email. Or, hang up immediately and call the credit union at the phone number listed on your account statement. Do not click on links in emails or texts.

If you’ve encountered a scam or have fallen victim to one, report it to the credit union by calling 800-336-6309 or by visiting any branch location. Our team will work with you to determine next steps.  

Visit our Fraud Prevention page for additional resources and tips.