Direct Deposit and Early Availability of Funds

Direct Deposit

When you open a deposit account at the credit union, you have the option to have your employer automatically deposit your paycheck directly into your account each payroll cycle through Direct Deposit.

Direct Deposit is easy to set up. Simply download and complete this form and submit it to your employer’s payroll department. 

Receive your paycheck up to two days early.*

You could receive your paycheck up to two days before your official payday depending on when your employer sends out payroll funds for direct deposit. The credit union makes direct deposit payments immediately available to members, rather than holding them until the official payday.  


*Funds availability depends on when the credit union receives the payor's payment file. See the Funds Availability Policy within your Membership Agreement for further information.


Complete and submit these forms to your employer's payroll department. 
Direct Deposit to Checking 
Direct Deposit to Savings