Greenville Federal Credit Union Honors 10 Outstanding Greenville County Schools Employees

by Catherine James, SVP Marketing and Brand Strategy

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Ten outstanding Greenville County Schools employees have been selected for recognition in the Employee Spotlight Program presented by Greenville Federal Credit Union. The Employee Spotlight Program honors staff members who have made significant workplace contributions or accomplishments at Greenville County Schools. Recipients were nominated by fellow GCS employees, who provided information about the employee and his or her work ethic. Each honoree will receive an award and a Cinnamon Roll and Coffee Celebration for the recipient and his or her entire school or department.

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Lindsey Beam - Instructional Coach, Fountain Inn High School

Lindsey Beam has been instrumental in taking the lead for the Freshmen Success course, planning lessons and providing materials and advice so that all of the teachers responsible for the course were able to provide a great experience for all students. Lindsey is always able to offer suggestions and help all of the staff at FIHS become the very best they can be. She has a passion for seeing students succeed, and she knows that the success of students starts with the teachers.

Sonja Coppenbarger - Dual Credit Teacher, Southside High School

Sonja Coppenbarger is willing to learn new techniques and add them to her “tool box”. Having worked in Greenville County Schools for three years, she cares deeply for her students and makes phone calls to both the students who are prospering and to those who may be falling behind. Sonja does not grow discouraged when she has students who are not interested; rather she takes it upon herself to pursue students and ensure they all have a chance. Sometimes students can fall through the cracks, but not on her watch. She is committed to every student no matter what.

Lynn Cronin - Attendance Clerk, Lake Forest Elementary School

Lynn Cronin is ready to help any parent, student or staff member.  She always has a smile on her face.  Even with a full schedule that includes enrolling students and keeping track of attendance, she still steps up and covers the front office and any other duties, as needed, along with helping students get to class and making them feel comfortable. Lynn is so thoughtful. She thinks of everything and everyone. She is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Kimberly Eargle - First Grade Teacher, Welcome Elementary School

Kimberly Eargle is not only hard working, caring, and positive toward her students but to her co-workers, as well.  She always goes out of her way to check on new teachers to see if they need help with anything even when she has a full plate herself.  Kimberly goes above and beyond to exceed expectations by creating detailed reading plans for the entire first grade team that truly cater to the students’ needs. The plans are creative, innovative, entertaining, and fun for the students.

Heather Herdt - Occupational Therapist, Sara Collins Elementary School and Washington Center

Heather Herdt improves the individual students she works with, the colleagues she supports, the parents she empowers, the school communities she uplifts, and the overall community that she serves through her unmatched professionalism and passion. Heather partners with general education teachers of the students she serves to make sure they feel supported and can talk through any concerns or issues the student presents within the general education setting. Her work truly changes lives and leaves families, professionals, and the community more aware of the value of people of all abilities.

Jimmy Hightower - Plant Engineer, Skyland Elementary School

Serving Greenville County schools for many years, Jimmy Hightower is always ready to help. Jimmy wants to do all he can to make Skyland Elementary the best school in the district.  No job is too big or too small and he always does everything with a smile and grateful attitude. He exudes servanthood and is happy to be able to help anyone and everyone each day. From the parents that he greets each day in the carline, to dressing up as Frosty the Snowman, or participating in a hula-hoop contest during lunch, he is one of a kind. Both the facilities and staff benefit from Mr. Hightower's efforts and helpfulness.

Patty Howard - Bus Driver/Office Assistant, Golden Strip Bus Center

Patty Howard is the backbone to the special needs’ transportation department. She knows all of the information about routes and students’ individual needs. She also knows her drivers and what they can handle. Patty works where she is needed. Whether it’s covering a route, assisting with dispatch, or even doubling up a route, she is there without hesitation.  She steps up to make sure there is coverage to get our students to and from school safely, every day. Whatever hat she has on, she puts her whole self into the role.  She is a great asset to Golden Strip Bus Center and to the District.

Caraline Richardson - Second Grade Teacher, Blythe Academy of Languages

Over her 18-year career with Greenville County Schools, Caraline Richardson makes all of her students feel loved and seen, regardless of where they are from. Her students come to school excited to learn from her. She pours her heart into serving her students, her team, and her school, well. Caraline is a mentor and encouragement to others. She makes sure her team feels like a family and that everyone is included. She embodies what it means to work hard and love kids on a daily basis. Not only do her students achieve tremendous academic success, but they also develop a love for learning and community because of her unconditional love and dedication she shows every day!

Morgan Riddle - 7th Grade Inclusion Teacher, League Academy

Morgan Riddle is truly loved by her students. She works hard to build relationships with all students and in turn her students have made outstanding academic progress and social emotional growth. She finds a way to reach even the most challenging students. Morgan has developed and initiated an intramural sports program that has served as great camaraderie for students and staff. She is a source of support for all teachers in the special education department, a hard-working collaborator with her co-teachers, an encouraging coach and a best friend to her students.

Leah Sullivan - Instructional Coach, Ellen Woodside Elementary School

Serving Greenville County Schools for 17 years, Leah Sullivan is described as a servant leader. She will take on any role if it means that someone is going to improve or show growth. Leah coaches as many as 4-5 teachers at any given time in areas of instruction that need improvement.  She builds positive relationships with the teachers so that they are comfortable receiving constructive to make them more effective instructional leaders. Leah enjoys serving others and she receives great satisfaction out of seeing students and staff improve.