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SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

UPDATE April 20, 2021:  The last day that the credit union will accept completed application packages is May 21, 2021

If you wish to submit an application for the Paycheck Protection Program for your business, please review all instructions below and return all completed items by May 21, 2021.

Prior to filling out the forms for a PPP Loan, we encourage you to consult your accounting professional and to visit the SBA’s website at (external link) for the latest information on this loan program as the guidance from the SBA is subject to change.

It is critical to follow SBA guidance on the amount of the loan and conditions that need to be met to ensure the maximum amount can be forgiven on the loan.

Borrower's Checklist - Required Documentation 

In order to complete your application, you must provide all applicable items listed below. 

Please complete and provide ALL of the above forms and email them to:

Inaccurate or non-factual information or documentation provided for this loan application may negatively impact the amount of the loan that is forgiven. Incomplete application packages (with missing documentation or information) will not be placed in line until all required documentation is provided by the borrower to complete the application.

Loan Forgiveness

Visit the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program website for the latest information about Loan Forgiveness (external link).

Please note that the credit union is not responsible for the decision of forgiveness but is acting as an agent in the making of the application.  Any amount not forgiven will be termed out based on the parameters of the loan program which are solely determined by the SBA.

Thank you for your interest in working with us on the Paycheck Protection Program. We appreciate your patience during the process.  Please email the Commercial Services team at with questions.