TIP: Control your credit card debt by consolidating multiple balances to one card.

January 27th, 2014 by Catherine James

Having multiple credit cards can be a difficult task to juggle with different credit limits, balances, payment periods and interest rates. It is often the case you can be carrying a larger balance on one card costing you more money with a higher interest rate. And it’s not uncommon for those carrying multiple cards to neglect some accounts where late fees and monthly finance charges pile up. Consolidating your debt from several credit cards can help you simplify the process by having one payment, a lower interest rate, and eliminating multiple late fees. You can even go a step further by scheduling automatic payments.

Do you know that your credit union VISA® offers FREE Balance Transfer?

Most credit card companies offer balance transfer with a fee attached - usually 3% or more of the balance. Our VISA credit cards offer free balance transfer. That’s great news for our members. 

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